Traveling the world...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hello friends,

I've been away from my blog far too long. I've been enjoying my summer break since I finished my first semester of graduate school. Let's catch up!

The day after I finished my semester I traveled to Boulder, Colorado. I knew that I was going to have a lot of fun hiking and exploring. However,  I didn't think I would fall in love with the town of Boulder. I was completely swooned by the mountains, people, and food. The hiking trails were challenging, but the view from the top was such a beautiful reward. I could easily see myself living in Boulder. There is an abundance of hiking trails, the people are incredibly nice, and again, the mountains. Ever since I started hiking more frequently this year, I've become enamored with nature. There is nothing more stress-relieving than hiking and being among nature. I seriously can't wait to go back. Colorado is absolutely stunning.

After my trip, I started working a little more to save money because I have a huge trip planned next month. In 25 days I'll be taking a trip with EF College to Europe for one month. I'll be traveling solo and I'm going to visit eight countries. I am beyond excited! I also get to meet up with my best friend Jenn in Paris, which should be incredibly fun. :)

I am going to be traveling to:
Dublin, Ireland
Liverpool, England (Home of The Beatles!)
London, England
Oxford, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ghent, Belgium
Paris, France
Lucerne, Switzerland
Milan, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Florence, Italy
La Spezia, Italy
Cannes, France
Monte Carl, Monaco
Barcelona, Spain

I have been preparing for months now. I decided to film a video featuring all the travel accessories necessary for a month long trip in Europe. I hope it helps! I've been doing plenty of research on pinterest, travel blogs, and watching YouTube videos to find the most essential accessories. Who knows, maybe you'll be traveling to Europe soon as well. :) Oh, and before I forget... I meant to include a camera as well but I was using it for filming.

Moving on, I've been really great. I am so excited to be traveling for one month. I've been eating healthier and working out in order to prepare. I've also abandoned my blog, but I was focusing on myself and spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends for awhile. It's going to be hard to leave my boyfriend but I am going to be able to contact him while I am abroad. I've also been visiting my family at least once a month to spend time with them. I get to go home again next weekend to see my family and friends before I leave. It should be a nice time but I am not ready for the valley heat. I also get to go on a mini vacation with my boyfriend to Houston the week that I leave. We are going to watch one of our favorite comedians, Louis C.K., at the NRG Stadium. A lot of exciting things are happening in my life, and I couldn't be happier. I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I'll have a lot of travel posts coming up when I get back from Europe featuring plenty of videos. I am also planning on doing a packing video to show you how to pack for one month in Europe. I hope that all my readers are doing well. I am thinking of getting a snapchat just for my Europe trip so you can follow me along the way and see the beauty that Europe has to offer. I'll keep you posted when I decide to get snapchat so you can travel with me. 

Lastly, I'll leave you with a song. Enjoy! Stay wonderful. 

 Woods - Military Madness

Deborah G

A lot has changed...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello everyone!

I went M.I.A. again, sorry about that. Life has changed and it felt as if it happened in an instant. These life changes have helped me grow immensely. Here is just a few things that have happened within the last few months.

December 2015 

I graduated and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. (I'm so glad to be out of there! They have the most unhelpful administration and they are ridiculously disorganized.)

I moved cities and I now live with my boyfriend in Kyle, Texas. It's nice to live in the middle of Austin and San Marcos. I have a cute and modern apartment here. I absolutely love it and I had a lot of fun decorating. (I really want to do record an apartment tour. I'll try to work on that for my next blog post!)

January 2016

I traveled to Seattle, Washington with my boyfriend and met up with my older cousins who live nearby. It was incredibly fun! I already want to go back to Seattle, I miss those mountain views.

I started a master's program! I am in the Master of Art's Literature program at Texas State University. Oh my gosh guys, this is an incredibly wonderful opportunity. You have no idea how ecstatic I am to be part of such a great program.  My professors are inspiring, open-minded, intelligent, and extremely nice. This semester I am taking three graduate courses. I am taking a course in Literary Theory, African-American Short Stories and a Young Adult Children's Literature course that focuses on... THE BEATLES! Yes, The Beatles! It's seriously the coolest class ever. I've never been so inspired to learn and read. I'm not going to lie though, I've been buried in schoolwork. Oh, and grad school is tough!

I got a new job towards the end of January. I am a cashier at a local thrift store here in Kyle. It's pretty cool and I've met some nice people. Also, I get a little extra cash to spend on myself which is nice. 

February 2016

Eddie and I always have Sunday's off from work which is great. We don't get to spend that much time together because we are busy with work/school constantly. Every Sunday we try to plan a hike in the nearby hill country by ourselves or with friends. It's nice to explore the outdoors, and it's great to get away from all my responsibilities. 

I turned 24! I feel old now, I like to stay home and relax in my free time. At times, I am so drained from school and work that I literally want to do nothing but sleep. My birthday weekend was great because my family came to visit me. I really do miss having my family around me. I am so grateful that they made the four hour drive to spend the entire weekend with me. 

March 2016

As of now, I am currently on Spring Break. I am off of school for the next 7 days. It feels so great to have a break. There are times when I get completely overwhelmed with school and I never have enough time to focus on myself. I finally have a few days to just read a book that isn't for class, watch some TV/movies, and hopefully do a little hiking. My spring break won't be completely full of leisure because I  have an insane amount of work to complete over the break, and I still have to go to work. Oh well, at least I don't have to go to class. Well, I've been pretty great and it feels nice to write in my blog, It always does. At times, I just get bombarded with being an adult and having obligations, and then it almost feels impossible to write a blog post. This Summer, I am only going to take one summer session because I want to have time to focus on myself and traveling. I've been going to school full-time with no breaks whatsoever since August 2014. I'm pretty sure I need a break, there is only so much academia that one person can handle. This Summer, I am planning on taking a trip to Europe. I am hoping to spend a little over two weeks traveling and exploring Europe. I may travel solo, it just depends if I find a friend who is interested in traveling abroad with me. My friend Jenn will be moving to Paris this Summer, so even if I travel alone, I can always meet her in Paris. Anyways, we will see what happens. I hope that you all have a nice spring break filled with leisure. Thanks for reading my blog post and catching up with me. 

Smell ya later,

Filling the void...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hi everyone,
I've kind of been dreading this blog post for awhile now but I finally feel like I am in a better place at this time and can write about what I've been avoiding for so long now. Ferdinand died on Thursday, October 29, 2015 around 12:45 a.m. It was the hardeset night of my life because I lost my best friend in the entire world. It's still so hard for me to talk about and hold back tears but I don't ever want to lose any of the wonderful memories that we shared together. Ferdinand was such a special dog, we had such a strong connection and loved each other endlessly. I have been in a lot of pain mourning the loss of my dog. For over a month I couldn't even come back to my house. It was too painful to walk in and not be greeted by a little bulldog who sees you as the light of his world. To be honest, it still is. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I had to make the tough decision to put my dog to sleep and I feel that it is something that still haunts me today. I know that I could have kept Ferd around here longer. It might not have been that much longer, but we would've had more time together. Ferdinand had a tumor in his brain, I was left feeling hopeless and cried for over two hours before I could even make the decision. He wasn't even in the right state of mind anymore, he kept having seizure episodes that in the end he couldn't even recognize my voice or see me. This is why I decided to put him out of his pain, he was in so so so much pain and he had absolutely idea what was going on. I was hurting for so long, I still am, and sometimes you just have to talk or write about things. I just miss him so much and wish he was here with me, I've needed you so much Ferdinand. I am going to close the post out with a poem that my Hemingway Professor mentioned in class. He oddly mentioned it on the day I lost Ferdinand when I still decided to attend class and it has stuck with me ever since then. The poem is by Miguel Unamuno and it is titled 'Elegy On The Death of A Dog'. The poem perfectly describes all the feelings I have toward my wonderful Ferdinand The Bulldog. I wish you were here, where are you little guy? 

    ELEGY ON THE DEATH OF A DOG by Miguel Unamuno
The stillness clutched,  with robust hand,
the poor restless dog,
and forever
faithful it lay to rest in its motherly
pious land.
Its gentle eyes
will not fix themselves on mine
with mute sadness;
will not lick my hand
nor in my lap will its slender head
And now: of what do you dream?
Where has your submissive spirit gone?
Is there no other world
in which you will revive, my poor beast,
and above the heavens
I’ll walk you trotting by my side?

The other world!
Other... other and not this!

A world without the dog,
no soft mountains,
no serene rivers
flanked by the serene trees,
no birds or flowers,
no dogs, or horses,
no oxen that plough...
The other world!
World of the spirits!
But, there,  we will not have
the souls of the living things
around our soul,
the soul of the fields,
the souls of the rocks,
the souls of the trees and the rivers,
of the beasts?
Over there, in the other world,
your soul, poor dog.
Will it not have to repose its spiritual head
in my spiritual lap?
The tongue of your soul, poor friend,
will it not lick the hand of my soul?

The other world... !
Other... and not this!

Oh, you will never be back, my poor dog,
to submerge your eyes
in the eyes that were your mandate;
see, the land rips you up
from he who was your ideal, your god, your glory.
But he, your sad lord,
will he have you in the other life?
The other world...?
The other world is the one of pure spirit!
Of the pure spirit!
Oh, terrible purity,
inanity, empty!
Will I never see you again, gentle friend?
There, will you be a memory,
pure memory?
And this memory:
will it not run before my eyes?
Will it not leap, yielding unto happiness,
pricking up the tail?
Will it not lick the hand of my spirit?
Will it not gaze into my eyes?
This memory:
will you not be you, you yourself,
lord of yourself, living eternal life?
Your dreams: what were they made of?
What of the piety with which you followed loyally
the mandate of my voice?
I was your religion, I was your glory;
you dreamed of God in me;
my eyes were a window for you
from the other world.
If you knew, my dog,
how sad your god is because you have died.
Your god will also die one day!
You died with your eyes
on my eyes fixed,
perhaps searching in these eyes for the mystery
that enshrouded you.
And your pupils, sad
to spy my induring desires,
seemed to ask:

Where are we going my lord?
Where are we going?

Life with man, poor beast,
has given you perhaps a dark longing
that the wolf knows not;
perhaps when you lay the head
in my lap
you vaguely dreamed of being a man
after death!
To be man, poor beast!
Look, my poor friend,
my faithful believer;
to see your eyes that watch me die,
to see your gaze crystallising,
once fluid,
I also ask you: Where are we going?
To be man, poor dog!
Look, your brother
is this other poor dog,
spread eagled by the tomb of your god,
howling at the heavens,
calls on death!
You have died in gentleness,
you with sweetness,
giving yourself up to me in the supreme
submission of life;
but he, he who whimpers
alongside the tomb of his god, of his lord,
neither dying knows.
You, on dying, vaguely sensed
life in my memory,
to not die completely,
but your poor brother
is seen as already dead in life,
is seen to be lost
and howls at the sky begging for death.
Rest in peace, my poor comrade,
rest in peace; sadder
the fortune of your god that is not yours.
The gods weep,
the gods weep when the dog dies
that licked their hands,
that watched their eyes,
and on seeing them thus asked:
Where are we going?

Thanks for reading, it was incredibly painful to write this and to read the bittersweet words that Unamuno wrote. I know that Ferdinand isn't in this world or another world or a heaven. It's hard to realize that and it's hard to write it out. All I have is our memories together, I'll carry them with me until the last day of my life.


Graduate applications, quizzes, exams and an endless amount of reading...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

School hasn't been tough but it has been extremely demanding since I have six classes this semester. If I don't have something due for one class, I have something to work on or read for the other three or four classes. An endless amount of schoolwork is piling up on me and I'm slowly but surely catching up with it all. I just keep telling myself that I have a little over two months left and it gets me through each day. I can't wait to graduate! I just finished submitting my Texas State application and now I just have to finish my St. Edward's application. Yay! Enough about school, that seems to be all I talk about. Last week, I witnessed my grandparents get re-married for their 50th anniversary in Las Vegas and it was a moment that I am so grateful for, I'll cherish it for the rest of my life. I had a wonderful weekend with my family in Vegas, it was a lot of fun and Eddie had a great time as well. I'm glad I was able to be apart of such a special weekend. This week, I hung out with my girlfriends at House Wine in McAllen and it was a lot of fun to reconnect, drink wine and enjoy each others company. This coming week I'll need to catch up with all my schoolwork before I go out of town to Austin and Houston. On Friday, Eddie and I are traveling to Austin to look at apartments, visit friends and just hang out. Then on Saturday, we are going to head towards Houston. In Houston, we are planning to go to the Space Center, visit a brewery, eat yummy food, visit a museum (not sure which one yet) and see Mac DeMarco on Sunday night! I am so excited for the next weekend. Tonight, or this afternoon, I am going to take my little sister's to HESTEC (Hispanic Engineering Science and Technology)  at UTRGV which is a festival for the community and it should be fun and educational. Well, I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend. I'll try and write more often it just gets tough with everything going on at the moment. Anyway, stay lovely and thanks for reading!


Mac DeMarco - No Other Heart

I'll see you next Sunday, Mac! :B

Fall 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

School is back in full-effect. Luckily, I passed my CLEP exam so now I only have to take six classes instead of seven. I only gave myself a week to study so I was extremely excited that I passed my exam. It's going to make my last semester a little easier. I need thirteen books this semester! So far, I love my classes especially my Hemingway course. I've never been so ecstatic to go to class and Eddie and I have the class together so it makes it that much better. 96 more days until graduation! It's finally almost here, I'm so happy! This semester looks like it's going to be pretty wonderful. I already have three trips planned. I'm going to Las Vegas next month with all of my family and Eddie is joining us as well. My grandparents are celebrating their 50th year of marriage by getting re-married by an Elvis Presley impersonator in a little chapel. I have a feeling it's going to be an awesome fun-filled weekend with my family. Then, a couple of weeks later I'm going to Houston for the Mac DeMarco show and to visit museums and local breweries. Super excited to see Mac again! Then, in November it's time for Fun Fun Fun Fest again in Austin and Eddie and I are more than likely going to sign a lease for our new place at that time. Big changes are happening! I couldn't be more ready. Also, Ferd is doing a lot better than the last time I wrote. He's gone back to his old, silly, and cute self. I'm pretty content right now, trying to stay positive and also trying not to procrastinate this semester. Jenn and I have been studying a lot together lately, we also tend to distract each other, lol. I hope you all have been well! I had a long day of studying and reading, I'm going to watch some television with my boyfriend now. :)



The last few days of Summer...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

 [Picture of myself before last nights date, beer at the bar while we waited for our table, My sick little Ferd :(, and gifts from Eddie for our two year anniversary]

Hello readers, 
 It has definitely been awhile since I last wrote a blog post, I got pretty busy with school in Summer II but I finally finished on Thursday at 11 p.m. I've had a few days of being able to relax which is always wonderful and I don't start up again until August 31st for my last semester. Anyways, I hope you all have had a nice summer, it's pretty much almost over. I finally got to hang out with my best friend Jenn on Friday, she is back from spending the entire summer in Paris. It was really awesome and fun to hang out with her because the last time we hung out was in February. It felt nice to reunite with Jenn, we've always had a special friendship that I appreciate and I'm glad we always make time to hang out and talk. Then, on Saturday, Eddie and I went on a date to SALT - New American Table and celebrated two years together. It was a lovely date and the restaurant had amazing service, delicious food and a great ambiance. After dinner, we got a couple of beers at Roosevelt's at 7 and then headed home. It was really a wonderful and much needed evening after such an exhausting week of finals. Today, I'm just hanging out and resting at home because at 6:00 a.m. I am going to drive to San Antonio to take Ferdinand to see a Neurologist Specialist. I'm not exactly sure what to expect, I have been a nervous wreck since my Vet suggested I take Ferd to see a Neurologist. I just really hope it's not something too serious. Thankfully, Eddie is going with me to help me out. Then, we are going to spend a couple of days in Austin with Ferdinand. It should be a fun little trip, minus the visit to the Neurologist of course. I can't wait to find out what is officially wrong with Ferd but I'm also scared and nervous at the same time. I just want him to get better. Well, hopefully the news won't be so bad and Eddie, Ferd and I can enjoy a couple of days in Austin. I'll keep you all updated, keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my mind occupied by applying for Graduate school, I officially started on my applications and admissions essay. I seriously can't wait for the semester to be over with. The way things are looking I will more than likely be moving to Austin on December 28th, which is in four months! So crazy, I'll only be in the Rio Grande Valley for just a few more months. I really want to take advantage of my last months here and make sure I spend time with my friends and family because I know I won't come back as often. Well, thanks for reading everyone! I appreciate it. 


The Beatles - In My Life

For Ferd...

A day of leisure...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I finished all my finals yesterday afternoon! I felt immediately relieved after and got to hang out with my boyfriend the rest of the day. We got dinner and then went to have a celebratory beer at Roosevelt's.  I did really well in my classes and I had a full day off from school today. I finally got to start my book 'Sick In The Head' by Judd Apatow that I purchased with a gift card from my friend Sarah (thanks girl!) and it's the perfect book for a comedy lover like myself. I also got a day to hang out with my little sisters. I took them to Starbucks, Forever 21 to go shopping and then we saw 'Minions' at the movie theatre. It was quite a fun day and now I'm currently watching 'The Office' with Eddie. Summer II starts tomorrow but I only have class twice a week, let's hope this semester isn't too challenging. I'll talk to you all later! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it so much.


Foxygen - Oh yeah 

A little optimism goes a long way...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

When things get a little crazy you tend to get overwhelmed. At least I do when I feel like I have no sense of control over what is going on. I feel like a new person today. I got a lot of rest and I decided to be much more optimistic which led to having a pretty good day. I didn't do much, just went to class, had a nice nap, watched a film for my Literature and Film Adaptation class and then did some reading. I also listened to my online lecture and had lots of caffeine, which is pretty much essential at this point. I feel 100% better than yesterday because I don't feel completely behind in my online classes, trust me, it's extremely easy to blow it off. I'm slowly but surely catching up. It's going to be a busy week/weekend until Monday but hey, I can't complain. I'm getting three classes out of the way and I'm getting closer to having a degree. Sometimes you just need a good amount of sleep and a little optimism to get yourself through the day. I figured I can get back on a good workout routine and better eating habits next week because Summer II I will only have class on Monday and Wednesday. Maybe I'll actually get to enjoy summer and hang out with my friends and family more often. It's been a pretty productive day, so now it's time to hangout with my boyfriend and our friends. Alright, well I hope you all are doing lovely. I'm going to try and stay positive as much as possible. The semester is almost over, yay!

Kisses - Midnight Lover

This duo always makes me want to dance.. :)

A Moody Mundane Monday...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Finals are almost here and of course I feel extremely stressed out with an overwhelming amount of work from all three classes. It seems like every day I am having to study for an exam, write an essay or do an insane amount of reading. I'm to the point where I literally feel sick almost every day from the lack of sleep and stress I've been dealing with. It also sucks that I have no time to work out. I feel fat, ugly and stressed. Probably the three worst things for me as a twenty-three year old girl to feel. Seriously looking forward to next Monday at 5:00 p.m. when I am officially done. I only get one day off before Summer II but I am so looking forward to a day of leisure. Wish me luck readers, I need it! I hope your summer is far better than mine currently is. 

Cass McCombs - County Line

this is a nice song...

Back to reality...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hi readers!
I hope you all have been lovely. I missed writing in my blog while on vacation but I definitely needed a break from everything. I had the most incredible vacation in New York City with Eddie. It was extremely hard to leave the city because I fell in love with it all over again. I felt like that is where I belong and need to be. The city is filled with art, creativity, music, comedy and it was hard to come back to the dull and flat land of the Rio Grande Valley. Oh well, I'm back here now and summer school has started, it's pretty intense so far. I've been constantly busy because I'm taking three classes per summer session but it will be worth when I am graduating in December and finally moving away from the valley. I'm moving to Austin or the suburbs of Austin in late December or early January. It's very exciting to be moving away again. I will be attending graduate school in the area but I'm not quite sure if I want to take off a semester before I start. I guess we'll see how burnt out I am by graduation. Well, that was a quick recap of what I'm currently doing. Now, let's talk about my wonderful vacation and how I hope to move to the city after grad school.

New York City

My vacation was beyond what I envisioned. I had a wonderful time. There is so much going on in the city, I don't think you could ever find yourself bored. Eddie and I thought seven days would be enough time but we were wrong. We didn't get to do a lot of things on our list that we had planned but we still had a blast. This just means that we have to back very soon! I'd be lying if I said I couldn't see myself living in NYC in a couple of years. It would be a smart career choice for me. Texas doesn't really offer any opportunities for my future career goals and dreams. If I do end up in the city in a few years that would be incredible and it would be a big step toward achieving my dreams. Lets hope it happens! As of right now, I can only dream and reflect upon my experiences of being back in the city that never seems to sleep.

The Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is the best stand up club in the city. I've always had a love for the art of comedy and it has been growing lately so Eddie and I made two reservations at the club. After years of watching 'Louie' I finally got to see what the cellar actually looks like and experience it as an audience member. I highly suggest making reservations because it is quite simple. You just go to their website and pick a time and date and pick how many people are in your party. Upon check-in you simply state your name and you get a seating card. When you enter the famous cellar you see pictures of comedians on the surrounding walls in the hallway. They are very old pictures, so it was pretty funny to see some of my favorite comedians when they were young. When I finally entered the main room I noticed how tiny the cellar actually is. Any seat is a good seat. The first time we went we sat on the side of the stage and the second we sat directly in front of the comedians. I had the best time here! They have a wonderful staff that truly appreciates comedy and you never who is going to stop by and want to do a quick set. I was hoping Louis C.K. would stop by, but he didn't. Both nights were absolutely hilarious though. I saw about six comedians each night and I was laughing non-stop. If I ever lived in New York City I could see myself spending so much time here. There is a lot of talent and it's just the greatest experience. 

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

I'm in love with this museum. My favorite type of artwork is modern and abstract and the MoMA is filled with it. You do need at least five or six hours to see everything in the museum. There is just so much and you don't want to miss out on any exhibit that they have. They have a great collection of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Claude Monet. I stood in awe just admiring these artist's famous works. It was truly a remarkable experience. They even had Vincent van Gogh paintings! I saw the ever so famous 'Starry Night'.  They only had a few Vincent van Gogh painting and they were absolutely stunning. I also saw artwork from Salvador Dali who is probably one of my favorite painters. He is a surrealist painter and his artwork is odd but you can't seem to look away. It was great to see it up close and admire his bizarre style. 

New York City Public Library
This has to be the most beautiful library I've ever seen. Every room you step in has stunning architecture, marble floors and art. I can only imagine the amount of time I would spend in that library if I ever moved to New York City. I don't even think we saw half of it in the time we spent at the library. It was nice just to sit and admire everything the library had to offer. They even had a cute little gift shop which I absolutely loved. 

Brooklyn Art Museum

The Brooklyn Art Museum is a must see if you are in the area. The building is located right next to Prospect Park so we took a stroll through there when we left which was nice. The museum was pretty great because it goes by donations so you can pay as little or as much as you'd like. I went with the suggested student pricing which was $10. The museum was quite large and had so many exhibits we didn't even get to see all of them. It was nice and a I would definitely go back and spend more time visiting all the exhibits.
The Book of Mormon

If you are in New York City or have the chance to see 'The Book of Mormon' on tour I highly suggest you go. It was my first "broadway experience" and Eddie and I had such a fun time. Before the show, we grabbed a drink at a nearby bar and then walked over to the Eugene O' Neil theatre. I won't say much about the play other than that I was literally crying from laughing so hard. Matt Stone and Trey Parker truly deserve all the praise they have received. It's a hysterical, fun and wonderful show to attend. 

The Nightly Show

I have seen every episode of 'The Nightly Show' since it started this year so I had to be a part of the studio audience. Tickets were free, I just had to request them in advance online. It was a cool experience and Larry Wilmore actually came out and spoke with the audience before the show started. It was awesome to see him in action, he is truly a remarkable talent and I'm glad he has his own show. Also, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson from 'Broad City' were on that night. I was super excited because we saw them as they were entering the building but I was too shy to ask for a picture or say hi, lol (regretting that now). I would love to be a part of the studio audience again.

Brooklyn Brewery

I made it to my favorite brewery guys! Eddie and I drank A LOT because it was the night before his birthday. We had a great time though and got to try a lot of new Brooklyn beers we had never heard of or tried before. It was free to get in and then you had to purchase beer bucks to get the beer. It was only $20 for 5 tokens and each beer was 1 token or 2 tokens for the stronger beers. We ended up getting about 10 tokens because we love IPAs and most of those beers were 2 tokens. Great time, nice people and awesome beer! 

Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)

If you ever plan on visiting the MET you are going to need a full week here to see the entire art museum. It is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, I am not even exaggerating. It seemed as if it there were a never ending amount of exhibits. It was probably the greatest museum I've ever visited and I've been to all of the Smithsonian museums in D.C. Maybe it's because I love art, but this is truly a special place in New York. This is a museum I would get a membership to if I move in the future. I could see myself spending hours in there just writing and admiring the beauty of the art and the building itself. 

Then, after our long and much needed vacation in New York we ended up back in Austin because we won free tickets to see a taping of Courtney Barnett at ACL Live. You guys don't even know how excited I was. She has been one of my favorite artist ever since her EP came out and I had so much fun jumping around and singing all the lyrics to her song. I can't wait for Eddie and I to move to Austin, we are going to have such a fun life together there. I seriously can't wait to move!

Well thanks for reading guys, this post took me almost two weeks because I've been bombarded with schoolwork. It sucks, but like I said it will be all worth it when I am done. I just have to keep telling myself that. I hope you all are having a great summer. I'll just be in school and studying so hopefully it just goes by quickly. I'm not a big fan of heat or the summer so I can't wait for the fall and cooler weather. Anyway, thanks again for reading my long post. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a good rest of the week lovely readers.

A little jizz jazz from Mac.

Another One - Mac DeMarco

P.S. Marc Maron posted his interview with President Barack Obama on his podcast, WTF. It's a great conversation. I highly suggest listening to it, the President is quite a remarkable person and you get great insight on the amount of pressures that he deals with on a day to day basis. You also feel a sense of hope and optimism as he speaks, I truly enjoyed it and I know you will too.